Scrap Shears ALLIGATOR L500

ALLIGATOR Scrap Shears L500 are used for materials up to 110mm thick

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Their pressure strength is 500tons, blade length 1800m, max. spread 850mm


Shears Clamp

Holding Clamp


5000 kN


Cylinder Diameter

320 mm

160 mm

Piston Diameter

220 mm

105 mm

Steering System

Electro-hydraulic switch valve, control panel

Nominal Pressure

20 MPa

Engine Power

44 kW

Pump maximum displacement

2x160 cm3

Hoist Frequency

8-10 times per minute

Blade Length

1800 mm

Max. Blade Spread

850 mm

Max. Size of Cut Material

Angle plate

200x200x16 mm (3 pieces)


400x146x14,5 mm


400x105x14,5 mm


20x1400/40x800 mm

Square rod

110x110 mm

Round rod

Φ 120 mm






3350x1300x2000 mm

Oil tank

3000x2150x2250 mm

Hydraulic ALLIGATOR scrap shears are powered with electricity. The electric engine drives a pump which compresses liquid in two hydraulic servomotors. One is responsible for the clamp of the shears, the other - for the holding clamp. Liquid between the servomotors is circulated through an electro-hydraulic switch valve, which ensures equal distribution of the strength of pressure and cut.

When the shears operate, the material placed on the lower shear of ALLIGATOR is first held by the holding clamp, and then cut by the main shears clamp. The cut is effective thanks to the weight of the shears clamp and special design of high quality steel blade. Blades are on the mobile and stationary shears clamp. Each blade has four working edges. When one edge is worn down, rotate the blade to use another one.

Hydraulic ALLIGATOR scrap shears allow to adjust the height of spread of the shears. If you cut large quantities, you can lower both clamps to shorten the time between cuts and allow for fast and effective work. The clamps can be raised to cut larger materials.

The shears come also equipped with an automatic speed switch, which adjusts the strength and speed of the shears to the thickness and resistance of the material being cut, which saves a lot of electric energy.

Hydraulic ALLIGATOR scrap shears are controlled with a very convenient control panel - you can start or stop the work at any time.

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