Scrap - in the metallurgy, the name of metal objects intended for use in the recycling process through their re-melting.

Scraps include, for example, metal production waste, non-repairable metal products, demolition structural components, municipal metal waste, exhausted vehicles (free from non-metallic elements, i.e. upholstery, seals, liquids, etc.), machinery, equipment and parts thereof, steel structures damaged mechanically, corroded or unfit for further, safe use, etc.
Because of the material it comes from, scrap metal is divided into:

    steel scrap,
    iron scrap,
    Non-ferrous metal (colored) scrap.

Steel scrap
Steel scrap has 2 main species:

    Batch scrap - scrap having such dimensions, form and chemical composition that allow direct use as a charge in metallurgy furnaces. Thickness from 4 mm. The remaining dimensions are 1500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm.
    Non-charge scrap - scrap, which must be subjected to thermal or mechanical treatment to obtain the required dimensions, form and weight before using it as a batch in a metallurgical furnace.

As types of non-seized scrap, it stands out, among others:

Heavy scrap - thickness min. 6 mm (eg reinforcing bars, thick pipes).

Light scrap - thickness max. 4 mm (e.g., sheet metal).
Cast iron scrap

    Cast iron machine - so-called dark cast iron (eg engine bodies).
    Cast iron trade - so-called white cast iron (eg sanitary installations).

The color of cast iron results from its properties. More specifically, it depends on the cooling rate of the cast iron after casting into the mold.

Non-ferrous metal scrap
Includes scrap:
Non-ferrous metals:

    Aluminum, including aluminum cans

Metal alloys:


A separate category is jewelery scrap.

Utility scrap
Utility scrap is scrap that is suitable for use for purposes other than its remelting. It is sold by scrap depots and collection centers at the request of their customers.

Scrap trading
Scrap trading takes place at scrap purchase points and scrap depots. The largest suppliers of scrap metal are producers from the metal industry, machinery, machinery and equipment and means of transport. Suppliers of scrap are also municipalities (waste segregation), as well as dealing in the collection and resale of scrap metal scrap collectors, creating informal and non-affiliated groups

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