Mobile hydraulic cable cutters MACHTEK N-44

Exceptional shears for cutting cables with diameters up to 200mm.
Ideal for thick underground power cables and cables in non-ferrous metal sheaths.


Faster, safer and more economical work than cutting cables using handheld or angle grinders. Cheaper than steel scrap shears.


  • Engine power: 5 - 7.5HP
  • Voltage: 220 - 240 / 400V
  • Hydraulic pump pressure: 240bar / 24MPa
  • The maximum diameter of the cut cable: Ø 200mm
  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 1320x500x880mm
  • Weight: 210kg
  • fast, effective work
    The large size and strength of the shears allow you to quickly cut cables with large diameters (up to 200 mm) and bundles of cables with smaller diameters (eg 3x60 mm).
  • saving money
    In comparison to using an angle grinder (flex, rubber) - you do not have to constantly buy cutting discs. Shears are a one-off expense.
  • no dust, smoke and noise
    What increases safety and provides comfort of work, and thus allows you to avoid additional expenses for health and safety accessories (masks, glasses) and accelerates work
  • long life of the shears
    Thanks to the appropriate construction and good quality materials, the shears withstand long-lasting and intensive use.
  • ease of use
    The conveniently designed scissors handle significantly simplifies the work.
  • more applications
    Operation of the shears does not require additional training, the blades are easy to dismantle, sharpen and re-use.
    N-44 shears cut thick cables, cables in non-ferrous metal sheaths, pipes, other non-ferrous metal elements, and even small steel scrap.
  • mobility
    The compact structure and wheels allow you to move freely with scissors within the plant; there is no need to transport heavy cables to the scissors.

The mobile hydraulic shears for thick cables and scrap MACHTEK N-44 were placed on a platform equipped with wheels. They consist of an electric motor, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic cylinder and steel shears (gray color). The cutting elements of the shears (black) are interchangeable (fixed with screws).

The fluid, which is compressed by an electric pump, is fed to the hydraulic cylinder, which opens and closes the shear blades. This is done by pressing the appropriate switch. Properly contoured and sharp shear blades forcefully press cut wires, ropes or other elements and cut them. Cables can be bundled, tangled, several pieces at a time.

Download Data Sheet - Hydraulic Cable Cutters N-44

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