Flat Belt Conveyor MACHTEK PT-100

Flat belt conveyor belt ideal for cable granulators

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proven in other industries!

Flat Conveyor Belt MACHTEK PT-100 has a frame steel profile and height 80 mm. Two-component coated varnish, resistant to impact. Equipped with holes (spacing 30 mm, diameter 9 mm). The solution allows the use of a conveyor in different industries.

With a length of conveyor transport up to 1,500 mm and a width of 400 mm, can be used with a stand column. There are also wider and longer version. Other versions are equipped with a sufficient amount of double steel stands. All systems are infinitely adjustable in height and equipped with a vertical locking.

Flat Conveyor Belt MACHTEK PT-100 is available with the different tapes adapted to your needs. About BRIEFINGS ask our dealers.

{tab} Specification

  • width: 100, 200, 300 and 400 mm. Intermediate sizes available on request.
  • Distance between centers: Length: from 750 to 6,000 mm. Intermediate sizes available on request.
  • tape drive with constant speed: v = approx. 6.1 / 11.4 / 17.1 / 22.8 / 34.2 and 48.8 m / min. Other speeds are available on request.
  • Power 220/240 - 380/415 V, 50 Hz. Protection type IP 54. This drive can be supplied with motor protection circuit breaker. It is equipped with a wire with a length of 2 meter in the CEE plug. Type of protection IP 54.
  • tape drive variable speed: v = approx. 2,4-8,5 / 4,6-16,0 / 6,8-23,9 / 9.1 -31.9 / or 13,7-47,9 19,5-68,4 m / min. Other speeds are available on request.
  • The drive is supplied together with a frequency regulator that is ready to be plugged to 230 V 50 Hz. Type of protection IP 65. The inverter is equipped with a motor protection switch.
  • Location Geared motor: below the belt, to the right or left side.
  • Total belt load: standard 50 kg. Larger available on order.

The dimensions are only a sample solution.

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custom product

Presented conveyors are examples. The dimensions and materials of which is made of a conveyor will adjust perfectly to your needs. For details and pricing ask our dealers

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