MACHTEK RECO300 Cable Granulator

A machine for industrial recycling of cables up to 410mm in diameter


Granulator Kabli MACHTEK RECO200

Brings you tons of pure copper every day.

MACHTEK RECO300 Cable Granulator is used to recycle waste copper cables like power cables, car cables, ICT cables, computer cables and all the other kinds of copper cables. Cables can have a diameter of a single copper wire up to 4.5mm. The maximum size of a vein or beam can be up to 190x410mm. Cables can be in bundles, contain other plastic and rubber elements in addition to insulation. The capacity of this cable granulator is 250 - 500kg of processed cables per hour.


Capacity: 250 - 500kg/h

Power: 57kW
Voltage: 400V
Maximum diameter of a single wire: 4.5mm
Dimensions of shredding chamber 190x410mm


The granulator consists of a crusher, cyclone separator, vibrating-pneumatic separation table, two blowers and two fans and air filter mounted on a joint mount as a single structure.

1. Cables placed in the crusher are crushed and ground. With this process, we end up with small bits of copper, plastic, rubber, fibre and dust. Their size depends on the sieve mesh size. The bigger the holes, the longer the straps of crushed material. When you process waste copper cables, it is good to select a proper mesh for your processed material.

2. Crushed material (a mix of bits of copper, plastic, fibre and dust) is pneumatically transferred to the cyclone separator. Inside the separator, dust and very small plastic bits (along with fibre, ropes, tapes and other materials mixed with cables) are collected by air blown in from the bottom. Heavier material (copper and plastic) scratch the separator's walls and fall down due to gravity.

3. Copper and plastic bits are moved onto the separation table. Copper granules are separated from plastic bits due to their different dead load. When the amplitude of vibrations of the table, its slope and the strength of air blow are properly set, heavier copper granules move upward, while rubber, which is lighter - downward. Thus, copper and rubber are separated and we end up with pure copper granulate.


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