Plastic Granulators MQ Series

Plastic granulator MACHTEK MQ-300

Plastic Granulator MACHTEK MQ-300

Plastic granulator:

  • power: 5,5kW,
  • moving blades: 7 pcs.,
  • crushing ability: 150 - 200kg/h.

Plastic granulator MACHTEK MQ-600

Cable Granulator MACHTEK MQ-600

Plastic granulator:

  • power: 15kW,
  • moving blades: 18pcs.,
  • crushing ability: up to 600kg/h.

Plastic granulator MACHTEK MQ-400

Plastic Granulator MACHTEK MQ-400

Plastic granulator:

  • power: 7,5kW,
  • moving blades: 12 pcs.,
  • crushing ability: 400kg/h.

Plastic Granulator MACHTEK MQ-700

Cable Granulator MACHTEK MQ-700

Plastic Granulator:

  • Power: 22 kW
  • Moving Blades: 21 pcs
  • Crushing ability: 800 kg/h

Plastic granulator MACHTEK MQ-500

Plastic Granulator MACHTEK MQ-500

Plastic granulator:

  • power: 11 kW,
  • moving blades: 15 pcs.,
  • crushing ability: up to 500 kg/h.

Plastic granulator MACHTEK MQ-800

Plastic Granulator MACHTEK MQ-800

Plastic granulator:

  • power: 30kW,
  • moving blades: 24pcs.,
  • crushing ability: up to 1000kg/h.

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