Hydraulic scrap shears series ALLIGATOR are used for cold cutting of elements made of steel and non-ferrous metals.
They are used in scrap purchase and processing plants for cutting scrap sections, pipes, sheets and breaking rail or tram rails.
The advantages of ALLIGATOR series scrap shears
ALLIGATOR series scrap shears compared to shears, scissors mounted on the excavator's arm and shears with traditional mechanical drive have relatively small sizes, low weight and are characterized by quiet operation, at the same time ensuring high efficiency and failure-free operation.

ALLIGATOR series scrap shears are also a more economical option than using gas burners to cut scrap. The performance of the ALLIGATOR scissors is comparable to the work of up to five qualified employees cutting through scrap metal using gas burners. The investment in scrap shears returns as early as 6 months from their purchase, thanks to savings on employees' salaries, gas costs and lack of material losses that literally evaporates when cut with a gas burner.

The service is easy and safe - the ALLIGATOR shears can be operated by a single employee, only after basic training, directly at the workplace.

All ALLIGATOR series scrap shears are manufactured in accordance with the Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008.

Parameters and prices of ALLIGATOR series scrap shears are adapted to every size of business.
Construction and principle of operation of ALLIGATOR scrap shears
Hydraulic scrap shears series ALLIGATOR are powered by electricity. The electric motor drives the pump, which compresses the liquid in two hydraulic cylinders. One is responsible for the work of the scissors arm, the other for the work of the support arm. The liquid between the cylinders is distributed by an electro-hydraulic changeover valve, which ensures an even distribution of clamping and cutting forces.

During the work of the shears, the material is placed on the lower jaw of the ALLIGATOR, the material is first held by the holding arm and then cut by the main cutter frame. The effective cutting enables the weight of the scissors arm and the properly designed blades made of high quality steel. The blades are on the movable and stationary scissors arm. Each blade has four working edges. When one edge is worn, rotate the blade to use the next one.

Hydraulic scrap shears series ALLIGATOR allow you to adjust the opening height of the shears. When we cut large quantities, we can lower both arms, reducing the time between successive cuts, which will enable quick and effective work. The arms can be raised when cutting larger sizes.

The shears are also equipped with an automatic speed switch that adapts the power and speed of the shears to the thickness and resistance of the cut material, thus saving electrical energy.

Hydraulic scrap shears series ALLIGATOR is controlled by a convenient control panel - you can start work at any time and stop work.


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