MACHTEK RECO Cable Granulators with Air-Table Separator

MACHTEK RECO Cable Granulators are used for industrial recycling of cooper or aluminium cable scrap.
They change cheap scrap cables into high price copper or aluminium granulate.
They work with power, cablescar cables, ICT cables and many others (depending of the tape of machine) with a diameter of a single copper wire up to 4.5mm.
The maximum size of a vein or beam can be up to 190x410mm.
MACHTEK Cable Granulators can process from 150 to 1400kg of cables per hour.

It is tons of pure cooper or aluminium granulates every day!




Choose your machine :

Cable Granulator

Granulator Kabli MACHTEK RECO200


Cable Granulator:

  • Power 28 kW
  • Capacity 150-300 kg/h

Cable Granulator

MACHTEK RECO400 Cable Granulator


Cable Granulator:

  • Power: 75 kW
  • Capacity: 350-700 kg/h

Cable Granulator

MACHTEK RECO300 Cable Granulator


Cable Granulator:

  • Power 57 kW
  • Capacity 250-500 kg/h

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tel: + 48518 374 309



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