Cable isolators are devices and machines whose task is to separate the insulation from the cable by cutting the insulation.
The isolators can be driven manually or electrically. The separators may have circular knives or dies. Electrical isolators have different capacities, depending on the design and power of the engine.

MATO Poland offers:

Industrial cable cutters with electric drive

  • Cable cutter MACHTEK M-800 (video)
  • Cable cutter MACHTEK W-100
  • Cable cutter MACHTEK M-90

Compact cable cutters with electric drive

  • Cable cutter MACHTEK M-508 (video)
  • Cable cutter MACHTEK M-50
  • Cable cutter MACHTEK M-601

Cable cutters with manual drive

  • Cable cutter MACHTEK Reco-40 (video)
  • Cable cutter MACHTEK Reco-30

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