Make money on scrap cables - recover precious copper and aluminium

Effective work with MACHTEK M-800 - industrial cable stripper

MACHTEK M-508 compact cable stripper doing his job

Fast and easy cable stripping with MACHTEK Reco-40 Manual Cable Stripper

MACHTEK W-100 removes even hard ALUMINIUM COATING

Deep cutting knife of MACHTEK M-601 compact cable stripper

New offer on Cable Granulators Machtek RECO coming soon!

Hydraulic Cable Cutters MACHTEK N Series

MACHTEK RSE240 - recover copper from electric motors


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MACHTEK : recycling machines

Łekno 23
76-037 Będzino, POLAND

tel.: + 48 507 023 332



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We are a trading company.
We sell recycling equipment and machines.

Machines which proved their worth in practice,
with the best cost-to-benefit ratio.