GREEMMAN RECO 130 Cable Granulator

Greemman Scrap cable granulator series provide
fast and efficient work performance with the Airtable system.

User-friendly, simplified structure design facilitates easy maintenance.


Application cable: Copper core, Less than 2,5/3 mm
Throughput: Max. 130 kg/h (input material - with standard cable as per GREEMMAN sample)
Total power: 12 HP, 9.37 kW
Voltage: 380 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 Phase
Dimension W 1770 x L 1360 x H 2256 mm
Weight: 1130 kg


  • Simple installation and operation
Just place the machine and connect the power - the machine is ready to run.
  • Pleasant work environment
Innovative dust suppression system provides pleasant work space.
  • Simple and easy maintenance
Simple and easy maintenance implemented by user- friendly, ergonomic design.
  • Rapid After-service
Fast delivery and service from operation center in Europe.

Greemman Reco 130 Cable Granulator

If You need information about Greemman RECO 130 Cable Granulator on Your disk or printed:

Download Data Sheet - GREEMMAN RECO 130 Cable Granulator

Check GREEMMAN RECO 130 Cable Granulator on official Greemman website



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